Friday, February 21, 2014

Thank You Note ...

Dear Workshop Participants:
Group Photo outside DAL Excellence Centre 9Feb2014

This post is for expressing the gratitude of the Sudanese Knowledge Society to you and let you know that we appreciate your contribution and time to be with us at the workshop on “Knowledge and Innovation: Technology, Pedagogy & Culture” that was held last week at DAL Excellence Centre. I also hope, like us, that you had a good and fruitful time.

We want to thank the Keynote Speakers, Paper Presenters, Exhibitors, and everyone who offered a helping hand to organize the Workshop. There are many volunteers who worked tirelessly on translating papers, helping at the registration desk, setting up the exhibition, and documenting the workshop. We cannot thank you enough for your time and contribution.

We also would like to give a big thank you to DAL Food for their generous sponsorship and logistic support that made the workshop possible and facilitated the smooth running of the programme.

A number of post-workshop efforts have started, for instance on the potential of “Service Learning” in Sudan. Another ongoing effort is collating the material gathered from workshop sessions. We will be posting that material as soon as possible, along with updates on promising projects that transpired from the workshop.

Best wishes.

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